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I suspect it will cross the mind of some of you reading this post that alien abduction is a possibility.If you are one day abducted by aliens and impregnated, who will pay for your baby.The truth is out there and can pay off very nicely if you find it.

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Alien abduction insurance is an insurance policy issued against alien abduction.Terrorism, economic depression, alien abductions, all sorts of bad things be going down. Alien abduction insurance is only valid on Earth.

When you think of the world of insurance and its numerous policies,.Freinds, you know you needs this: Alien abduction insurance From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Alien abduction insurance is an insurance policy issued against.

If the thought of being abducted and probed by aliens is making you lose sleep.

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Alien Abduction Insurance Policies. then ordinary members of the public are just as prone to the lure of strange insurance policies.

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UFO insurance dissected by the car insurance experts at CoverHound.Global Financial, Texas Insurance Services, Irving Texas Insurance, personal insurance Irving TX, commercial insurance Irving TX, auto insurance Irving TX, house.Car insurance and health insurance are standard types of insurance coverages.

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Need a last-minute gift idea for the Halloween fanatic in your life.Since the 1950s the amount of alien abduction claims have raised dramatically, and they are still trending high across the world.

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Sure immaculate conception insurance seems crazy, but at least that actually happened.In January 2009, we posted an article about buying UFO insurance for your home, car, and property, but what about alien abduction insurance.Alien abduction coverage and haunted house insurance are not.

You can always purchase an alien abduction insurance policy to cover this risk.

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Alien Abduction Insurance Policies As bizarre and as strange as it may seem, alien abduction insurance policies are becoming increasingly popular.The insurance policy is redeemed if the insured person is abducted by aliens.From celebrities to the just plain bizarre, here are some of the most unusual insurance policies in the world. Alien Abduction Insurance.


More recently the Alien Abduction Insurance Corporation has launched the idea of abduction insurance certificates as a unique gift for a lifetime premium.

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Is there an insurance company that would include in the policy a clause on alien abduction.While that in itself does not make it plausible to create an entire.The London-based firm Goodfellow Rebecca Ingram Pearson has reportedly.

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Available (apparently) from several private insurance providers.Wikipedia explains: Alien abduction insurance is an insurance policy issued against.

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Alien Abduction Insurance Alien abduction insurance is also called UFO insurance and covers against the possibility that aliens might take you.The Alien Abduction Insurance Scam by Joe Tagliarini, Simon Burgess and GRIP Insurance.

Alien abduction insurance offers precisely what the name says.

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Last summer, the company added alien abduction insurance to the unusual policies it offers, which Burgess said account for 10 percent of its overall business.

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